There are only two who influenced me both fashion and in general perspective wise:

Erika Bowes links: Instagram | Blog | Twitter | Tumblr
Erika was one of the first fashion blogger I came across, stumbling onto one of her lookbook entries and then later discovering the blog: HandfulofFashion. I remember one night back in high school while I was getting ready for a friend's 18th, I went through Erika's entire blog feeling so inspired by what I saw it it actually gave me an idea what to wear not only that night but also helped me discover my fashion style today.

Rhiannon Ashlee links: YouTube | Instagram | Tumblr | Blog | Twitter
Randomly finding myself watching the DIY cosmic t-shirt tutorial video was the best procrastination ever to happen. Another random stumble leading to an influence, remembering the second video I ever saw was the Boyfriend Tag and I died. To wrap it fast I recommend everyone watch Rhiannon Ashlee's videos (Fashion Rocks My Socks) especially her second vlog dedicated channel (RhiannonAshleeExtra) since they're personally my favourite. Rhiannon Ashlee deserves all the success, awards, and achievements with her hard work and realness. Someone who promotes self confidence is always a winner!